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Early detection is the best protection. Understand that the early stages of breast cancer may not cause any pain or discomfort. Having a regular mammogram and a clinical breast exam by a healthcare professional can help you understand changes in your breasts. Doing your self-exam can help you keep track of regular monthly changes. Early detection gives you the edge when it comes to having breast cancer treated successfully. That is why screening for cancer is an important tool in detecting cancer. Along with educating the community Pink-4-Ever schedules free breast cancer screenings at locations throughout the Indianapolis community to reduce disparities based upon barriers to access.

Providing support and connections to resources.

This is an informative 45 minute interactive workshop that provides an overview on the basics of breast cancer. Discussing risk factors and dispelling myths about breast cancer within the community. Breast modules and tumor necklaces are used to engage the audience in being proactive in their health care by explaining the importance of self breast examination and proactive decisions in their personal health. These workshops can be held at a personal residence, church, or at our office.

Pink Sundays is a faith-based educational outreach program that reaches individuals in churches, by using the motto, “It’s Ok to Talk About It,” with information on how to access breast health services and resources.

P4E Lunch & Learn is a program that provides information, resources and outreach to small businesses, organizations and corporations. A representative from Pink•4•Ever will provide a breast cancer presentation to organizations in hopes to engage them and their employees on the importance of breast health and awareness. The focus of this outreach is to increase awareness and general knowledge of breast health in the work place. This program will allow employers to provide a brief presentation to their staff members at no cost in hopes to create and atmosphere that employees can ask questions that may be vital to their health care.

This program provides information, resources, and outreach to the community by inviting 6-10 girlfriends to your home who can learn about breast health, BSE and information on Pink•4•Ever and how they can become involved in their community. A representative from Pink•4•Ever will provide pink giveaways and material for all of the guests and engage them in conversation that is vital to the survival of breast cancer while eliminating generational myths of breast cancer. This will allow for a more intimate setting where individuals will feel more comfortable to ask questions and receive vital feedback and breast care resources that they may not otherwise have access to.

Junior Ambassadors is a program to help children and families understand the effects of cancer or chemotherapy on a loved one, to provide suggestions for coping and resources.

Awarding trips to patients and caregivers for respite and renewal

Partnering with churches for breast health awareness & education

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