Mammography assistance

Black women face many barriers to getting screening mammograms, including lack of health insurance, lack of contact with a primary care doctor, low-income, and even pain and embarrassment. We’re here to help remove those barriers. If you are uninsured or if your insurance does not cover the cost of mammograms, we can help you get a free mammogram.  

Early detection
is the
best protection

Black women are diagnosed with breast cancer 5-7 years younger than White women and more than 20% of breast cancers in Black women occur under the age of 50. Black women are also more likely than White women to be diagnosed with more aggressive and harder to treat sub-types of breast cancer. If Black women’s lives are to be saved, these aggressive breast cancers must be diagnosed and treated early. If you need help getting a mammogram or if you want to talk with an advocate about any fears you have about getting a mammogram, contact us.

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What's your reason why?

I’m an advocate to honor my family, those whom have gone on, for those whom are living and to help educate Black Americans on the importance of early detection.