the four pillars of
pink-4-ever Ending Disparities(p4E)


Advocate: someone who walks alongside; to support someone or something. Our Breast Health Advocates and Junior Ambassadors are on the forefront of our advocacy efforts,  promoting breast health awareness and helping families impacted by breast cancer.  


Knowledge is power. P4E is committed to increasing breast health knowledge throughout the community through our website resources and offering education workshops at schools, businesses, health fairs and other community events.


Research guides our work toward better breast cancer outcomes for Black women. It gives us the information we need to address breast cancer disparities with targeted solutions.


P4E provides knowledge, tools, resources, support and assistance to help survivors, caregivers and families better manage the impact of breast cancer.

Partner With Us Today

Support from businesses, organizations and individuals across the community arms our fight to eliminate breast cancer disparities. 

Help us conquer Black breast cancer.

What's your reason why?

Far too many women, particularly women of color, are being affected by breast cancer and need a safe place to be heard, supported and advocated for as the embark upon their breast cancer  journey.