Research is the driving force behind our programs and initiatives. We partner and collaborate with clinical and academic researchers who are seeking to understand why Black women are diagnosed with breast cancer at an earlier age and at a later disease stage and DIE at a higher rate than White women.  Armed with research data and information, we then design and implement community-based and health care system-based interventions to combat barriers to access, address gaps in services and improve breast cancer outcomes, especially for Black women.

Current research partnerships and collaborations

community health partnerships (chep) trailblazer award

We received the Community Health Partnership Trailblazer Award to partner with  researchers from the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE) at Purdue University. This study has focused on identifying differences in the processes of Black and White breast cancer patients while seeking diagnosis and treatment services and to identify the causes of the differences. The ultimate goal of this research is to set target performance standards and achieve systemic improvement in the process of seeking and receiving breast cancer care. This project is funded, in part, by the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and the Indiana State Department of Health. Watch for the study report to be issued in 2022.

Have you recently
completed treatment
for breast cancer?

We would like to hear about your experiences, thoughts, feelings and any barriers you encountered while going through breast cancer screenings, diagnostic tests and treatments.

Pink-4-Ever, along with Purdue University Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering are conducting a study about the process of care for women in Indianapolis diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.

Your voice could help lead to improvements to reduce breast cancer deaths.


-Black/African American or White/Caucasian women who were diagnosed with breast cancer within the last 2 years.

-Willing to participate in a 1-2 hour interview.

Participants in this study will not be identified.
If you have interests in enrolling in or learning more about this study, please contact:
Lisa Hayes:

"Tracking the Process of Treatment Seeking in Black Breast Cancer Patients"
Yuewern Yih, Ph.D., P.I. IRB Protocol #: 1811021261

precision health initiative partnership

Since 2018 we have partnered with Indiana University School of Medicine and IU Simon Cancer Center researchers who are conducting research to identify why Black women with breast cancer are experiencing poorer health outcomes and developing better treatments and prevention strategies. We help design studies and participant recruitment materials to assure they are culturally sensitive and patient-centered. We also encourage Black women and men to participate in research studies and clinical trials. We are currently assisting with the PERSEVERE study that is seeking  to find better treatment options for people affected by triple negative breast cancer. Learn more about this study here: 

What's your reason why?

Life is so much better when you have a strong support system, like minded women and resources to aid in your journey.