Board members


Powerful, Engaging, and Knowledgeable. These are just a few of the words that people use to describe Nadia E. Miller. With over 15 years of experience in the corporate sector, 10 years serving as the Executive Director of Pink-4-Eer Inc., and demonstrable success as a small business owner, Nadia E. Miller is the inspiration behind a movement that thrives to empower, inspire, and elevate others . Miller, who earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration degree from Indiana Wesleyan University, leverages her formal education, her real world-experience, and her passion to motivate and inspire others.

A 10-year breast cancer survivor, Nadia E. Miller’s workshops, lectures, and keynote addresses provide pragmatic steps that people can take to change and enhance their own lives and the lives of others. In 2008, Miller, with the facilitation and coordination of her brother John M. Miller, founded Pink-4-Ever Inc. in order to ensure that the minority community, especially women, would receive comprehensive information, support, and resources regarding breast cancer health and prevention.

Nadia E. Miller continues to use her gifts to serve organizations and groups whose missions are aligned with hers. She has served as the Chairperson of the Circle of Promise Committee; she is a member of the National Coalition of Negro Women Indianapolis Chapter; and she is the first African American Honorary Race Survivor for the local Susan G. Komen Indianapolis Affiliate. Most recently, she was awarded the 2016 Black History Maker of Today by McDonald’s. This award recognizes the totality of her work as an influential role model in the Central Indiana community. Leading by example, Nadia Miller continues to make a difference and lives by the Pink-4-Ever Inc. slogan: “It’s Ok To Talk About It.”

Whether it’s through her business or philanthropic endeavors, Nadia E. Miller offers educational programs and workshops, business consultations, community resources, and most importantly, hope.


First serving as a volunteer Administrative Coordinator to the Executive Director and Vice President; and, proving her dedication to the forward movement of the organization, Mrs. Roberson-Shannon was elected to serve as the Vice President of the Pink-4-Ever, Inc. Board of Directors, beginning in 2018! Shalon has utilized her administrative and organizational skills to ensure that board activities are both initiated and executed decently and in order! While there are many events that have caught and held her attention, Shalon especially enjoyed learning more about the Tasha Roper Journey Award and the process that goes into selecting the annual recipients. Knowing that the proceeds from the organization’s fundraising events goes directly back into the community, is not only something that she can appreciate; but, is something for which she is willing to lend her time, talent and treasure!

Having an abnormal mammogram, resulting in her own breast health scare, heightened Shalon’s interest in breast health awareness, and increased her desire to become involved with educating others about preventative health and healthy living habits.


Stephanie Beaver Smith’s educational training from Marian University and experience in accounting, led her to the perfect position on the Board of Directors at Pink-4-Ever. She has served as Treasurer since 2008. Her talents for working with numbers and her dedication to the mission of Pink-4-Ever (P4E) has aided in her drive to serve on the Board. Utilizing today’s latest and greatest technology, Stephanie says she is able to balance all transactions, which make it easier to manage grants, donations and expenses of the organization.

Much like her ability to balance the finances of Pink-4-Ever, Stephanie is a great example of someone who is balancing work and volunteerism, while she and her husband attend to their active children.

During the month of October, Stephanie gets even busier with Pink-4-Ever. October’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and P4E’s programs jump into high gear. One of Stephanie’s favorite events is our Think Pink Week. The Board members go to different schools in the community to speak, educate and have fun while fundraising with students and staff. Stephanie says, “At the end of the week it’s good to see the smiles on the kids’ faces when they find out how much money they have raised.”

Stephanie’s desire to get involved with P4E was built out of frustration of seeing people she cared about going through the struggles of having breast cancer, as well as facing hardships that come along with the disease, such as financial issues. Knowing that Pink-4-Ever believes in, “It’s okay to talk about it,” and offers emergency assistance for a variety of needs like paying bills or buying groceries has really eased some of Stephanie’s feelings of defeat within her community.

Kimberly collier mason

50, a lifelong resident of Indianapolis, entered God’s Heavenly Home on May 4, 2012.

An active member of Northside New Era Baptist Church, she was a 1979 Graduate of Cathedral High School. She earned a bachelor degree from Indiana Wesleyan, having also studied at Butler University School of Pharmacy. She was employed at Roche Diagnostics as a contract specialist.


Serving as the board member who oversees the organization’s special events calendar, Abeba Dau joined the Pink-4-Ever, Inc. Board of Directors in 2017. Working first in a volunteer capacity, Abeba has spent her first year on the board, learning more about the organization and its impact on the Indianapolis community. Taking her passion for fundraising to the next level, Abeba works tirelessly to ensure tickets are sold to each of the organization’s fundraising events. Taking part in the annual Mother’s Day Brunch is especially endearing to her, as her own mother has passed. Abeba loves this particular event, as it reminds her not to take the celebration of loved ones lightly.

Abeba decided to get more involved with P4E, as the need arose to give back to her community in a way that would make a difference. Wanting to do more than donate, Abeba wanted to touch those within her immediate reach, impacting her community, through a message of hope, compassion, love and knowledge relative to a disease by which so many are affected. Abeba acknowledges that being involved with the organization has truly shown her what it means to give unselfishly; and, that sacrificing a little of her own time is worth it, knowing that someone in her community is getting the assistance they need through the organization’s diverse programs.


Yalonda J. Brown has been involved with Pink-4-Ever, Inc. since 2010, working diligently as the Silent Auction Coordinator for the Simply Pink Fashion Show. In 2018, she made the decision to take her service to the next level, and accepted a seat on the Board of Directors. Yalonda will oversee the organization’s programs, ensuring that P4E reaches the masses and is able to effectively serve the greater Indianapolis community. With a Masters in Organizational Leadership, and serving as a Senior Outreach Manager in her professional career, Yalonda utilizes her talent to look for ways to make things better. Her program management, training and development experience are valuable assets to the organization.

Yalonda was first introduced to P4E while seeking out support and resources for a friend in active breast cancer treatment, and while seeking a vehicle by which to distribute a line of breast cancer themed greeting cards. The organization was appealing due to its focus on the African American community, as well as the resources and support offered. “Everyone at Pink-4-Ever, Inc. is amazing and cares about the mission and vision of the organization. I feel honored to join the team”.

dr. monick

Dr. Monick Davis joined the Pink-4-Ever, Inc. Board of Directors in 2017, serving as the board member responsible for the educational initiatives promoted by the organization. With a Doctorate of Nurse Practice from Indiana Wesleyan University, and professionally serving as a Director of Clinical Education, Monick ensures that each of the board members, P4E and volunteers are well educated, informed on current breast health issues, and providing the best possible information to those we serve.

Citing the Simply Pink Fashion Show as one of her favorite events, Monick loves the fact that P4E continues to celebrate survivors! Her involvement with P4E was ignited after witnessing the organization’s dedication and commitment to increasing the awareness of breast cancer in the black community. Bearing witness to this brought a self-awareness of her own lack of knowledge surrounding breast health and the lack of resources in the black community; and, gave her the chance to rally around a cause that is bigger than herself!