community health partnerships (chep)
trailblazer award

With this award we are partnering with researchers from the Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering (RCHE) at Purdue University to study disparities in breast cancer mortality between non-Hispanic Black women and White women in Indianapolis urban area. This study focuses on identifying variabilities in processes for Black breast cancer patients seeking diagnosis and treatment services and to understand what leads to them. The ultimate goal of this research project is to set target performance and achieve systemic improvement in the process of seeking and receiving care. This project is funded, in part, by the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute and the Indiana State Department of Health.

Have you recently
completed treatment
for breast cancer?

We would like to hear about your experiences, thoughts, feelings and any barriers you encountered while going through breast cancer screenings, diagnostic tests and treatments.

Pink-4-Ever, along with Purdue University Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering are conducting a study about the process of care for women in Indianapolis diagnosed and treated for breast cancer.

Your voice could help lead to improvements to reduce breast cancer deaths.


-Black/African American or White/Caucasian women who were diagnosed with breast cancer within the last 2 years.

-Willing to participate in a 1-2 hour interview.

Participants in this study will not be identified.
If you have interests in enrolling in or learning more about this study, please contact:
Lisa Hayes:

"Tracking the Process of Treatment Seeking in Black Breast Cancer Patients"
Yuewern Yih, Ph.D., P.I. IRB Protocol #: 1811021261

IU precision health initiative partnership

Through this partnership we collaborate with Indiana University School of Medicine and IU Simon Cancer Center researchers to identify why Black women with breast cancer are experiencing poorer health outcomes, to encourage more Black women to participate in research and to develop better health care, treatment and prevention strategies for Black women. The partnership includes a  commitment between IU and Pink-4-Ever, Inc. , to co-develop and distribute breast health educational materials specifically designed to reach Black audiences.

Faith-Based Initiative


Research about the intersection of spirituality and health cites spirituality as an influential factor in the breast cancer experience for African American women. Also religious participation has been linked to improved quality of life, health status and mortality risk in African Americans. We offer faith-based institutions the opportunity to partner with us to address the breast health needs of their members, while also helping to solve the critical health issue of breast cancer disparities. We train women to serve as Breast Health Advocates within their churches and communities.  The advocate responsibilities include: making breast health educational materials available to congregation members; conducting breast health awareness programs at their places of worship and promoting other breast cancer awareness and education events; encouraging women to get appropriate breast screenings and tests; connecting women to resources to access affordable and timely breast health services; and providing emotional support to women during their breast cancer experience. Send us an email ( for more information about this initiative and the next Breast Health Advocate training.

stay alert, stay alive
breast health summit

The Breast Health Summit is our annual outreach and education initiative, bringing together healthcare professionals, community members, survivors, caregivers, advocates and policy makers for a day of learning and engagement. The Summit offers educational workshops for community members and health providers on the latest research and initiatives aimed at improving healthcare access and delivery of services and to eliminate health disparities.  In 2019 we expanded the Summit to a two-day event, kicking-it off with a special edition of the S.I.S. Power Party with our partner, Pink-4-Ever, Inc. Breast cancer survivors and caregivers enjoyed an evening of fun, fellowship and pampering. By popular demand, the Friday night Power Party will become a part of the annual Summit.

The Summit also includes a Health & Wellness Expo featuring our God’s Pharmacy, along with  health screenings, connections to resources and take-away tools to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and cancer prevention.

S.i.s. (Sisters inspired to stand)

Several studies cite lack of social support as a personal barrier during African American women’s breast cancer experience. In our Town Hall conversations family members and other caregivers said they desired social support with others who “look like them” or who have similar challenges. Lack of social support and emotional outlets can have significant mental health effects and sometimes produce more negative health outcomes. We established S.I.S., a support and empowerment group, offering support, encouragement and empowerment to breast cancer survivors and their caregivers. The monthly S.I.S. “Power Parties” feature survivors and caregivers sharing helpful tips for thriving through treatment and survivorship, fun activities, education and connections to resources. Find out more on our events page or send us an email ( and join us at the next Power Party.


god's pharmacy

God’s Pharmacy is our farmer’s market style exhibit through which we encourage women to reduce their breast cancer risk and improve the overall health and wellness of their families by eating fruits, vegetables and other natural food products from God’s creation. We take the exhibit to conferences and community events and give away fruits, vegetables and other healthy food items, along with information about their nutritional value and health benefits. We also provide suggested recipes and ideas for incorporating the products into your regular eating routine. For more information about having God’s Pharmacy at your event, contact us at

power trip

Power Trip provides the opportunity for persons with cancer diagnosis and their caregiver(s) to experience respite from their treatment.  This is often something families cannot afford due to the high cost of medical treatment and time lost from work. The goal is to provide an opportunity for healing and quality time at no or little cost to the family. For more information about applying for a Power Trip, contact us at